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Eleutheranthera Poit. ex Bosc.

Herbs, erect, branched. Leaves simple, opposite, petiolate. Heads homogamous, heterogamous, small, in the axils of upper leaves, discoid or radiate. Involucre nearly campanulate. Bracts few, herbaceous. Receptacle convex; scales membranous. Ray florets when present few, ligulate. Disc florets tubular, narrolwy campanulate, 5-toothed. Anthers sagittate at the base, truncate at apex. Style branches acumiante, covered with minute hairs at the apex. Achenes narrowly obovoid, compressed, 3-4 angled, rotundate at the apex, often tuberculate. Pappus absent.

Monotypic genus of central and S. America, introduced into torpical Asia, Africa and New Guinea.

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