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Herbs, annual, branched, glabrous. Leaves alternate, slender, 1 - 2 pinnatisect. Heads yellow, heterogamous, small, terminal and axillary. Involucre oblong. Involucral bracts few; outer 1 - 3, slender; inner oblong with broad membranous margins. Receptacle small, flat. Ray florets female, solitary, fertile; corolla bifid, sometimes 3-lobed. Disc florets bisexual, few, fertile, tubular; corolla 4-lobed. Anther base obtuse, entire. Style bifid with linear, acute, hispid tips. Achenes narrowly oblong, dorsally much compressed, faces densely hairy. Pappus or 2 smooth, stiff awns.

Two species in India.


1a. Prostrate herbs; awns of the achenes spreading vertically 1. Glossocardia bosvallea
b. Erect herbs; awns of achenes spreading horizontally, setose 2. Glossocardia setosa

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