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Herbs, unarmed annual or perennial. Leaves entire, toothed or lower pinnatifid. Heads homogamous, usually ovoid, solitary, terminal, peduncled. Flowers yellow, red or potpie. all bisexual, similar, fertile. Involucral bracts many-seriate, very narrow, usually with long recurved hair points or mucronate; outer shorter. Receptacle densely bristly. Filaments papillose; anther bases sagittate, auricles connate, tails slender, lacerate. style arms slender. Achenes-oblong or obovoid, glabrous, smoth, ribbed. Pappus bristles many-seriate, very unequal, serrulate, barbellate or feathery, long, slender or short and paleaceous or absent.

C. Asia, Myanmar; ca 15 species, 10 in India.


1a. Pappus usually absent 2
b. Pappus usually present 3
2a. Herbs, 0.9-1.5 m heads 1.5-2.5 cm across 1. Tricholepis amplexicaulis
b. Herbs, 15-50 cm high; heads 0.8-1.2 cm across 2. Tricholepis angustifolia
3a. Corolla yellow; pappus hais connate at base 4
b. Corolla red or lilac; pappus hairs not connate at base 7
4a. Receptacular bristles equalling the feathery pappus 6. Tricholepis karensium
b. Receptacular bristles usually shorter thann feathery pappus 5
5a. Pappus very alender, inner ca 2.5 cm long 4. Tricholepis furcata
b. Pappus 6-8 mm long 6
6a. Leaves quite glabrous 8. Tricholepis stewartei
b. Upper surface of leaves covered with raised points or scarberulous or pubescent 3. Tricholepis elongata
7a. Achenes twice as long as pappus hairs 8
b. Achenes equalling or shorter than pappus hairs 9
8a. Roceptacular bristles longer than achenes 7. Tricholepis radicans
b. Receptacular bristles shorter than achenes 5. Tricholepis glaberrima
9a. Pappus a brush of compressed bristles, twice as long as achenes 10. Tricholepis tibetica
b. Pappus of slender feathery hairs, equalling achenes 9. Tricholepis stictophyllum

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