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Herbs, annual. Leaves opposite or upper ones alternate. Heads heterogamous, rayed, terminal or axillary, peduncled. Involucral bracts imbricate, in 2 series; outer herbaceous; inner scarious. Receptacle convex, with scales. Ray florets yellow, ligulate, female, fertile; corolla 2 - 3 toothed. Inner florets hermaphrodite, fertile; corolla campanulate, shortly 5-lobed; tube short and woolly, embracing the top of the achene. Anther bases truncate, entire. Style arms with subulate, hairy tips. Achenes glabrous, dorsally compressed, 3 - 4 angled, rounded at tip. Pappus absent.

Mostly in tropical Africa; 12 species, 1 in India.

Literature. BAAGOE, J. (1974). The genus Guizotia (Compositae) - A taxonomic revision. Saertryk. Af. Botanisk. Tiddsskrift. 69: 1-39.

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