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14. Neoscortechinia Hook.f. ex Pax

Trees; Leaves serrate or entire, pinnately nerved, usually bearing 2 glands at base. Inflorescences axillary or terminal, lax panicles; pedicels elongating in fruits. Male flowers: calyx split into 4 or rarely 5 imbricate suborbicular lobes, with 2 smaller outer ones overlapping the inner ones; disc consisting of 4 (or 5) glands, very small, alternating with calyx-lobes; stamens (4-) 5 - 9, minute; filaments free, thick, flat; anthers 2-locular, basifixed, broad, introrse; pistillode reduced to small scales. Female flowers: calyx as in male, persistent in fruits; ovary 2 (or 3)-locular, each locule 1-ovuled; stigmas 2, small, bifid. Fruits rhegma, oblong-ellipsoid, 4- valved, densely white hairy; seeds 1 (or 2) per fruit, ovoid, smooth, glabrous, covered by a thin red fleshy aril; embryo flat, surrounded by 1 - 1.5 mm thick endosperm; cotyledons laterally beside each other; radicle apical on the embryo.

Tropical Malesia, from Myanmar to Philippines and Solomon Islands, 6 species; one in India.

Literature. VAN WELZEN, P. C. (1994). Taxonomy, Phylogeny, and Geography of Neoscortechinia Hook.f. ex Pax (Euphorbiaceae). Blumea 39: 301 - 318.

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