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Montanoa La Llave & Lexarza

Shrubs or trees. Leaves simple, opposite, entire or lobed, sometimes serrate-crenate, 3-nerved; petioles slender, sometimes winged, glandular pubescent. Heads mostly in open panicles. Bracts and bracteoles foliaceous or scale-like. Heads radiate, sometimes showy. Involucral bracts in 2 series; outer 5 - 8, narrow, herbaceous; inner smaller, apiculate to spinulose. Paleae enclosing the florets, persistent in fruits, becoming chartaceous to coriaceous, sometimes spine tipped. Ray florets with an elongate, spathulate ligule, sometimes glandular; tube short. Ovary sterile. Disc florets numerous; corolla tubular, 5-lobed; tube short. Anthers with deltoid appendages. Style branches slender, clavate, truncate. Ovary of central florets abortive. Achenes obovoid, laterally compressed. Pappus absent.

Distributed from Mexico to Colombia; ca 50 species, 1 in India, naturalized.

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