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Herbs, annual, erect or procumbent or scapose; stems with multicellular hairs, often gland-tipped. Leaves simple, opposite, ovate-elliptic, entire or serrate, viscid pubescent; petioles mostly winged, sometimes basally auriculate to nearly connate-perfoliate. Inflorescence a many-flowered panicle. peduncles glandualr hairy; bracts foliaceous; bractlets scale-like. Heads radiate, small. Involucral bracts 2-seriate; outermost linear-spathulate, apically rounded, mostly copiously stipitate-glandular; inner ovate, apically deltoid to acuminate, stipitate-glandular. Receptacle small, conical. Paleae ovate, scarious. Ray florets 5 - 15; corolla yellow. Style branches short. Disc florets many; corolla tube campanulate, with 5 deltoid lobes. Anthers yellow-green. Style branches flattened. Achenes black, minutely striate, curved, sometimes strongly angled. Pappus lacking.

In the warmer regions of old and new world; ca 9 species, 1 in India.

Literature. HUMBLES, J.E. (1972). Observation on the genus Siegesbeckia L. Ciencia Y. Nanturaleza 13: 1-19. MALIK, C. (1961). Siegesbeckia orientalis L., A species complex in Western Himalayas. U.A.R. Journ. Bot. 4: 167-170.

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