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Herbs, erect, perennial; stems solitary, branched. Leaves alternate, pinnately veined, sessile-subsessile. Inflorescence seven,l, terminal, racemose-spicate. Heads clustered in the axils of leaf like bracts, with 4 florets. Involucral bracts 8, in decussate pairs. Florets bisexual; corolla tubular, funnelform; tube slender; limb 5-cleft, deeply divided on adaxial side. Anthers sagittate at base, appendaged apically. Style bifid; branches slender, flattened and stigmatic adaxially. Achenes obovoid, slightly flattened, hispidulous or strigulose mainly on ribs, 10-ribbed. Pappus in 1-series of 5 - 10 bristles, doubly bent or spiralled towards apex, ciliolate.

Neotropic genus; 2 species, 1 in India

Literature. BUSEY PHILIP (1975). Elephantopodinae. Ann. Miss. Bot. Gard. 62: 873.

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