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Herbs, perennial; stems flexuous, grooved, pubescent. Leaves alternate, deltoid or palmately lobed, auriculate or exauriculate at the base, petioled. Inflorescence a simple yellowish brown raceme or panicle. Capitula white, pink or yellow, discoid, cylindrical, bracteolate, short peduncled. Involucre cylindrical; involucral bracts 5 - 30, uniseriate, linear to linear-lanceolate. Receptacle flat, epaleaceous. Florets 1 - 20, hermaphrodite, fertile, all tubular; corolla 5-lobed. Style branches long, subclavate. Achenes cylindrical, ribbed, glabrous. Pappus of white or reddish brown, scabrid hairs.

Asia, N. America, C. America, W. Indies; ca 50 species, 5 in India.


1a. Leaves deltoid 2
b. Leaves palmately lobed 3
2a. Petioles auricled 1. Cacalia chenopodifolia
b. Petioles not auricled 3. Cacalia levingii
3a. Pappus hairs white 5. Cacalia pentaloba
b. Pappus hairs reddish 4
4a. Achenes 8 mm long 4. Cacalia mortonii
b. Achenes 2 mm long 2. Cacalia chola

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