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Cissampelopsis (DC.) Miq.

Climbers, herbaceous or shrubby, perennial; stems much branched, woody. Leaves simple, broadly ovate to ovate-triangular, unlobed, cordate at the base,. palmately 3 - 7 veined, petioled; petiole prehensile, exauriculate, thickened at the base. Capitula heterogamous, discoid or homogamous, in axillary and tenninal,compound cymes or thyrses. Involucre cylindrical or narrowly campanulate, bracteolate; involucral bracts 5 - 24, free, herbaceous with, scarious margins. Ray florets yellow, 5 - 6 or 8 or absent, spreading, apically 3-dentate, 4 - 5 veined. Disc florets white, pinkish or yellow, 8 - 20, tubular, 5-lobed. Anthers linear or linear-oblong, distinctly caudate with tails. Style arms truncate or convex, with short or long marginal papillae. Achenes cylindrical, ribbed, glabrous. Pappus white, dirty white or rufescent, capillary.

Distributed in Asia, Tropical Africa and China; ca 20 species, 7 in India.


1a. Capitula discoid 2
b. Capitula radiate 6
2a. Leaves coriaceous 3
b. Leaves membranous 4
3a. Leaves glabrous, blackish-brown, shining 4. Cissampelopsis corifolia
b. Leaves green with upper surface greyish tomentose; lower surface with dense white floccose tomentum 7. Cissampelopsis walkeri
4a. Lower surface of leaves with rusty-brown tomentum 5. Cissampelopsis corymbosa
b. Lower surface of leaves with greyish-or fulvous tomentum 5
5a. Involucral bracts 5; lower surface of leaves fulvous tomentose 1. Cissampelopsis ansteadi
b. Involucral bracts 8; lower surface of leaves greyish tomentose 6. Cissampelopsis volubilis
6a. Ray florets yellow 2. Cissampelopsis buimalia
b. Ray florets pink 3. Cissampelopsis calcadensis

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