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Shrubs; stems terete, rarely sulcate, pale yellow; spines solitary or 3-fid. Leaves deciduous or evergreen, entire or spinulose. Inflorescence racemose, umbellate or fascicled, rarely paniculate, 5 - 25-flowered . Ovules 3 - 7. Berries 8 - 12 mm long, usually pruinose and stylose, rarely estylose.


1a. Leaves rigidly coriaceaus 15. Berberis asiatica
b. Leaves thinly subcoriaceous 2
2a. Stems terete, if subsulcate then-sepals in 3 whorls 3
b. Stems sulcate; sepals in 2 whorls 4
3a. Young leaves with truncate base; petioles up to 4 cm long 17. Berberis hainesii
b. Young leaves without truncate base; petioles up to 6 mm long 4
4a. Petals longer than the inner sepals 16. Berberis glaucocarpa
b. Petals shoner than the inner sepals 5
5a. Flowers 12 - 14 mm across petals entire, truncate 14. Berberis ahrendtii
b. Flowers 7 - 8 mm across; petals emarginate with acute lobes 19. Berberis lycium
6a. Leaves sessile, 1.5 - 2 cm long; spines smooth 18. Berberis khasiana
b. Leaves shortly petioled, 2 - 6 cm long; spines sulcate 20. Berberis parkeriana

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