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Linum grandiflorum Desf., Fl. Atlant. 1: 278, t. 78. 1798; Babu, Herb. Fl. Dehradun 98. 1977.

Annual herbs, up to 65 cm high; stems erect, branched glabrous. Leaves 1 - 3 cm long, ovate-lanceolate, acute. Flowers ca 4 cm across, solitary or in terminal or leaf-opposed corymbose clusters. Sepals ca 6 cm long ovate, acuminate with scarious hairy margins, accrescent. Petals free up to 2 cm long, scarlet or red with a dark purple centre. Stamens 5, connate at base; filaments dilated at base. Ovary ovoid; styles 5, filiform, connate at base; stigmas linear. Capsules depressed globose. Seeds oblong-ellipsoid, brown,compressed.

Fl. & Fr. Feb. - June

Cultivated in gardens for its beautiful scarlet, red or bluish purple flowers.


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