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Emilia Cass.

Herbs, annual to perennial, glabrous to crispately pubescent; stems slender to robust, often glaucous. Leaves alternate very variable, entire, toothed or lyrate-pinnatifid; radical leaves few, simple, linear-lanceolate, usually auricled and amplexicaul. Inflorescence 1-few-headed, loosely branched corymb or subumbellate. Capitula blue, purple, pink or scarlet red, homogamous, discoid, cylindrical, small to medium sized, ebracteolate, long peduncled. Involucral bracts uniseriate, 8 - 10, linear-oblong, equal, coherent, imbricate, striate. Receptacle flat to convex, not pitted. Florets all tubular, hermaphrodite, very slender, corolla limb dilated, 5-lobed; lobes triangular to oblong-lanceolate, spreading. Stamens 5; filaments filiform; anther base obtuse, subentire. Style arms subterete with a short or elongate, acute or obtuse appendage, slightly recurved. Achenes subterete or angled, 5-ribbed, glabrous or scabrid on the angles. Pappus hairs copious, capillary, minutely scabrid.

S. Africa, S. China, Japan, Philippines and Sri Lanka; ca 30 species, 8 in India.

Literature. BALDWIN J.T. Jnr. (1946). Cytogeography of Emilia Cass. in the Americas Bull. Torry Bot. Club 73: 18 - 13. FOSBERG, F.R. (1972). Emilia (Compositae) in Ceylon J. Sci. (Bio. Sci.) 10: 61 - 69. GARABEDIAN, S. (1924). A revision of Emilia. Kew Bull. Misc.lnf. 1924: 137 - 144


1a. Small, 3.5 - 20 mm tall herbs; leaves chiefly radical, scabrid; capitula pink purple; achenes 2 mm long. dirty brown, bispid 6. Emilia scabra
b. Herbs more than 20 cm tall; leaves both radical and cauline or only cauline 2
2a. Leaves only cauline 3
b. Leaves both radieal and cauline 7
3a. Weak herbs 4
b. Stout herbs 6
4a. Achenes glabrous; capitula scarlet-red 4. Emilia prenanthoides
b. Achenes hispid; capitula not as above 5
5a. Capitula pinkish lavender; florets exerted about 5 - 6 mm from the involucre 2. Emilia exserta
b. Capitula bright purple; florets exserted about 2 - 3 mm from the involucre 1. Emilia alstonii
6a. Stems much branched; leaves linear-oblong or spathulate, glabrous above and softly crispate hirsute beneath; margins recurved; capitula solitary, terminating long, naked peduncles 5. Emilia ramulosa
b. Stems simple, not much branched; leaves lanceolate, glabrous, margins entire or distantly serrate, not recurved; capitula in corymb on short peduncles 3. Emilia javanica
b. Capitula purple. Achenes hispid 8
8a. Leaves lyrately pinnatifid with triangular-ovate terminal lobe 7. Emilia sonchifolia
b. Leaves linear-oblong or oblanceolate 8. Emilia zeylanica

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