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Emilia zeylanica C.B. Clarke, Comp. Ind. 175. 1876; Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 3: 336. 1881.

Herbs, erect, slender, up to 60 cm high; stems slender, simple or branched near the base, leafy, glabrous. Leaves narrow, linear-oblong or oblanceolate, acute or sometimes with hooked tips, entire or subentire; upper cauline ones hastate, with sessile, auricled base. Capitula few. Involucral, bracts shorter than the flowers, oblong, acute. Florets longer than the involucre; corolla lobes 2.5 mm long. Style arms with enlarged conic tips. Achenes long, white hispid on the ribs. Pappus white.


1a. Leaves linear-oblong or oblanceolate; tip not hooked 8.2. zeylanica
b. Leaves linear, tip hooked 8.1. paludosa

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