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Herbs, densely greyish villous, robust, 30 - 60 cm high; stems erect, subsimple. Leaves all cauline, elliptic-lanceolate, acuminate, coarsely dentate to remotely dentate, sparsely to densely lanate, shortly petioled. Capitula radiate, solitary, terminal, ebracteolate. Involucre broadly campanulate; bracts ovate, acuminate, margins scarious. Ray florets 2 - 3-seriate, ligulate, female, very long. Disc florets numerous, shorter than the ray florets. Achenes of ray florets-oblong, ribbed, hoary pubescent, narrowed below; those of disc florets brownish and scabrid. Pappus hairs uniseriate. uneaual, scabrid, deciduous.

Distributed in Nepal, Bhutan, S. Tibet and W. China; ca 8 species, 1 in India.

Notes. This genus can be distinguished by having florets of 3 kinds in each capitulum; 2 - 3 outer rows of female ligulate florets; the outer with short strap shaped corolla; the inner with tubular corolla; innermost florets all hermaphrodite with tubular corolla. Jeffrey (1984) is of the opinion that since the achene anatomy of genus Nannloglottis is typical of tribe Astereae, this genus should be transferred under that tribe.

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