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Cremanthodium Benth. emend R. Good

Herbs, perennial, dwarf to medium sized, rhizomatous; stems erect, simple, densely greyish tomentose with black glandular hairs or glabrous. Leaves both radical and cauline; petiole glabrous to sparingly black-glandular pubescent, slender to stout, winged or simple with broad sheathing base; cauline leaves alternate, small, linear, bractiform, or large, ovate-oblong, overlapping, covering most part of the scape, glabrous to densely greyish or white tomentose with black glandular pubescence on the lower surface, shortly petioled or sessile with large vaginate base. Capitula heterogamous, radiate or discoid, yellow to pale pink, large, solitary terminal, or small and few in simple, lax or dense raceme or corymb, cernuous or semicernuous, rarely erect, suburceolate, hemispheric or campanulate, fragrant. Involucre broadly campanulate, densely greyish tomentose with black glandular hairs; bracts sub 2-seriate, overlapping, unequal. Receptacle flat, subconvex, naked and pitted. Ray florets conspicuous, uniseriate, elliptic, equally cuneate at both ends or very long, gradually tapering, broader at the base or obcuneate and broadest above, prominently nerved, entire to 3 - 4-toothed at the apex. Disc florets numerous, tubular. Anther base subentire or small auricled. Style arms short or long, flattened, obtuse or acute, papillose. Achenes oblong, angular, narrowed above, 5 - 10-ribbed, glabrous, all pappose. Pappus hairs white, dull bronze, or reddish, copious, slender, rough, barbellate.

Distributed in Nepal, Tibet and China; ca 55 species, 14 in India.

Literature. GOOD, R. (1929). The Taxonomy and geography of the Sino-Himalayan genus Cremamhodiam Benth. J. Linn. Soc. Bot. 48: 259-316. HOFMAN, (1894). Pflanzenfamilien 4(5): 301. LUDLOW, F. (1976). Cremanthodium. Reliquiae Botanicae. Himalaica. Bull. Brit. Mus. Nat. (Bot.) 5(5): 278 - 279.


1a. Capitula discoid 5. Cremanthodium discoideum
b. Capitula radiate 2
2a. Leaves pinnatifid 10. Cremanthodium pinnatifidum
b. Leaves dentate, crenate, lobed or subentire 3
3a. Leaves linear, oblanceolate-linear or rotundate 2. Cremanthodium bhutanicum
b. Leaves oblong-ovate, elliptic-oblong, reniform or palmately divided or roundly reniform 4
4a. Leaves reniform or palmately divided or roundly reniform 5
b. Leaves oblong-ovate to elliptic-oblong 10
5a. Leaves pubescent or tomentose beneath 6
b. Leaves glabrous beneath 8
6a. Leaves palmately lobed or roundly reniform with dense purple hairs beneath 9. Cremanthodium palmatum
b. Leaves renifonn, pubescent or tomentose beneath 7
7a. Herbs upto 25 cm high; radical leaves whitish-brown tomentose beneath 4. Cremanthodium decaisnei
b. Herbs upto 90 cm high; radical leaves crispate pubescent beneath 13. Cremanthodium retusum
8a. Capitula orange-yellow, nodding 14. Cremanthodium thomsoni
b. Capitula yellow, not nodding 9
9a. Herbs up to 90 cm high; capitula always solitary and terminal; ray florets oblanceolate 12. Cremanthodium reniforme
b. Herbs up to 50 cm high; capitula one to many arranged in corymb or umbel, ray florets elliptic 3. Cremanthodium cremanthodioides
10a. Medium sized herbs 11
b. Dwarf herbs 13
11a. Involucral bracts connate at the base 1. Cremanthodium arnicoides
b. Involucral bracts free at the base 12
12a. Leaves broadly elliptic; apex rotundate; capitula nodding 8. Cremanthodium oblongatum
b. Leaves oblong-elliptic; apex subacute; cppinala not nodding 11. Cremanthodium pseudo-oblongatum
13a. Densely steel grey lanate herbs; capitula 4 - 7 cm ind diam., nodding 6. Cremanthodium ellisii
b. Densely white woolly herbs; capitula ca 2.5, cm in diam., not nodding 7. Cremanthodium nanum

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