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Hypochoeris glabra L., Sp. Pl. 810. 1753; Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 3: 401. 1881.

Herbs, annual; stems (scapes) 5 - 40 cm high, slender, leafless, occasionally branched, grooved. Leaves entire or minutely dentate, 10 - 50 x 5 - 15 cm. glabrous or sparsely hispid, with hairs especially on margins and upper surface, subsessile. Heads 10 - 20 mm long; peduncle bracteate. Involucral bracts glabrous, obtuse or acute; outer ovate-lanceolate; inner linear-lanceolate. Stigmatic arms slender. Outer achenes, beaked or truncate at apex or all rostrate; inner beaked. Pappus white or dirty white, 2-seriate, scanty.

Fl. & Fr. April - Dec.

Distrib. India: W. ghats in open shady places. Tamil Nadu (Nilgiris).

Europe, N.W. Africa and Lebnan.

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