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Cremanthodium nanum (Decne.) W.W. Smith in Notes Roy. Bot. Gard. Edinb. 14: 118. 1924. Ligularia nana Decne. in Jacquem. Voy. (Bot.) 4. 91. t . 99 . 1844. Werneria nana (Decne.) Benth., Gen. Pl. 2: 451. 1873; Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 3: 357. 1881. Senecio clarkeanus Franch. in Bull. Soc. Bot. Fr. 39: 22. 1892.

Herbs, dwarf; rootstock creeping; stems erect, 6 - 13 cm high, densely white woolly. Radical leaves elliptic-ovate to orbicular, obtuse, entire, 10 x 5 mm, glabrous, long petioled; cauline leaves serrate, densely woolly beneath, amplexicaul. Capitula yellow, radiate, solitary, ca 2.5 cm in diam., on stout peduncle. Involucre hemispherical; bracts linear, oblong, ca 16 mm long, obtuse, connate below into a cup, densely covered with long, black, curled hairs. Ray florets yellow, elliptic-ovate, ca 10 mm, 3 - 5-veined, 3-dentate at the apex; ray ca 7 mm; tube ca 3 mm long. Style arms linear. Disc florets yellow; corolla limb conical, ca 7 mm long; tube very obscure. Achenes of ray florets elliptic-oblong, 1.5 - 2 mm, glabrous; those of disc florets dark brown, grooved. Pappus white, ca 3 mm long; those of disc florets, 5 - 6 mm long, scanty.

Fl. & Fr. June - Aug.

Distrib. India: W. Himalayas. Uttar Pradesh.

Nepal and China.

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