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Cremanthodium palmatum Benth. in Hook., Ic. Pl. 17: 1142. 1873; Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 3: 331. 1881.

Herbs, small, rhizomatous, up to 20 cm high; stems simple, purple hairy above. Leaves palmately divided or roundly reniform, 1 - 2.5 cm in diam., glabrous above or with few scattered hairs on the margins, lower surface purple hairy. Radical leaves petioled; petiole 3 - 3.5 cm long; cauline leaves reniform to linear, petiolate; petiole without sheathing base. Capitula radiate, campanulate, usually solitary, rarely 2 - 3, ca 2.5 cm in diam. Involucre campanulate; bracts ovate to lanceolate, ca 10 mm long, acute. Ray florets rose pink, ca 18 mm long; rays obcuneate, ca 14.5 mm long, deeply 2 - 3-lobed at the apex; tube ca 3.5 mm long, Disc florets rose purple, ca 10 mm long; limb ca 8 mm long. Style much exserted. Achenes elliptic-oblong, flattened. Pappus white, ca 7 mm long, scabrid.


1a. Leaves roundly reniform 9.2. palmatum
b. Leaves palmately lobed 2
2a. Margins of leaves distinctly dentate 9.3. rhodocephalum
b. Margins leaves not as above 9.1. benthamii

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