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Herbs or shrubs, glabrous. Leaves alternate, entire or toothed. Heads heterogamous, discoid, solitary or in crowded globose clusters, small, compressed, bracteate at the base. Involucre of 1 - 2 bracts, shorter than the paleae of the receptacle. Receptacle minute or cylindric, with broad, rigid palea enclosing the florets. Outer florets female, fertile, few, slender; corolla of female florets 3 - 4 lobed. Disc florets 2 - 8, bisexual, fertile or sterile, tubular; those of bisexual florets enlarged above; limb campanulate, 5-lobed. Anther base sagittate; auricles subcaudate. Style arms of female florets linear; those of bisexual florets stout, obtuse. Achenes of fertile florets black, compressed, margins ciliate; outer ones with a ciliate rib. Pappus absent in sterile florets and of unequal paleae or bristles in fertile florets.

Tropical Africa and Asia; 15 species, 2 in India.


1a. Leaves ovate, membranous, long petioled; heads in corymbs 1. Blepharispermum petiolare
b. Leaves obovate, elliptic, coriaceous, shortly petioled or subsessile; heads solitary 2. Blepharispermum subsessile

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