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Ifloga Cass.

Annuals, small, woolly; stems usually branched from base. Leaves alternate, entire, filiform, often clustered, sessile. Heads heterogamous, disciform, solitary or in clusters in leaf axils throughout the stem, forming leafy spikes, sessile. Involucral bracts few, minute, scarious. Receptacle short, more or less narrowly cylindrical with flat naked top; palea pluri-seriate, equalling the bracts, concave, each subtending a female floret. Outer florets female, fertile, 1-many-seriate, filiform, obscurely toothed, epappose. Disc florets bisexual, sessile; limb 5-toothed. Anther base sagittate; tails very slender. Achenes glabrous. Pappus hairs of bisexual florets white, plumose.

Europe, Egypt, S.W. Asia, Meditteranean, N. and S. Africa; ca 10 species, 1 in India.

Literature. HOLUB, J. (I975).Ifloga Cassini in DAVIS, P.H. ed. Flora of Turkey 5: 100 - 101.

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