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Logfia Cass.

Annuals, erect, more or less branched, woolly tomentose. Leaves alternate, linear-lanceolate, entire. Heads heterogamous, disciform, clustered in raceme or panicle like inflorescence, ovoid to cylindrical, very shortly peduncled. Involucral bracts ovate, scarious. Receptacle obconical; paleae 2 - 3 seriate, imbricate, outer ones spoon shaped, each subtending and enfolding a female floret. Outer florets female, fertile, filiform, finely 2 - 4-toothed, epappose. Disc florets, partly female, rest bisexual, fertile with tubular, 4-5 toothed corolla. Achenes oblong to obovoid, dimorphic; those of outer female florets slightly curved and smooth and those of bisexual florets straight and papillose. Pappus hairs whitish, scabrous.

Europe, Siberia, N.W. Africa, S.W. and C. Asia and Himalayas; 1 species in India.

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