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1a. Leaves finely membranous, sessile or narrowed to a very slender petiole; achenes short, constricted into a short, stout beak 2. Lactuca graciliflora
b. Leaves with base developed into a broad, long, winged petiole which is dilated and auricled; achenes elongate, merging with the beak 2
2a. Lower leaves hastate, cordate or deltoid with incurved margins; 3
b. Lower leaves usually runcinate-pinnatitid, without incurved 4
3a. Achenes 10-12 mm long, narrowed at both ends with a dark brown beak; inner bracts 15-18 mm long, with much scattered bristles 5. Lactuca rapunculoides
b. Achenes 7-7.5 mm long, narrowed into a pale beak; inner bracts 12-15 mm long, glabrous or with few minute bristles 4. Lactuca lahulensis
4a. Outer involucral bracts 4-6.5 x 1.5-2.5 mm, unequal; achenes sparsely hairy, blackish brown or pale brown 1. Lactuca decipiens
b. Outer involucral bracts 1-1.5 x 0.5-1 mm, all equal; achenes glabrous, yellowish brown 3. Lactuca kashmiriana

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