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Herbs, succulent. Leaves alternate (rarely opposite), peltate, orbicular, 6.5 cm across; pedicels 20 cm or more long. Flowers ca 3 cm long. Sepals 5,10 - 15 mm long, connate at base, usually petaloid, posterior sepals produced below into a long pointed spur. Petals 5, oblanceolate to orbicular, 3 cm long. Stamens 8, in two rows of four, free; anthers 2-celled, basifixed. Ovary 3-lobed, placentation axile; style apical, simple.

Mexico to temperate S. America; ca 92 species, one genus and one species in India.

Literature. LINNAEUS, C. (1753) Sp. Pl. 428; WOODROW (1910) Gard. Trop. (ed. 6). 206; SAULIERE (1914) List n. 720; BAILEY (1917) Encycl. Hort. 3369.

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