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Anaphalis adnata DC., Prodr. 6: 274. 1838; Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 3: 282. 1881.

Herbs, erect and stout, up to 80 cm high, densely white, floccose tomentose. Leaves obovate-oblong, subspathulate or oblanceolate, entire, mucronate at apex, narrowed at base, 2 - 10 x 0.3 - 2.4 cm, leathery, dull green above, lower surface densely white woolly, 1 - 3 nerved, sessile, clasping the stem. Heads in terminal and axillary corymbs, 1 - 2 mm across; peduncle ca 2 mm long, densely tomentose. Involucral bracts in many series, membranous, scarious, glistening, clawed; outermost rounded-ovate, acute-obtuse, densely woolly outside; claw pale yellow-brown; inner oblong-spathulate. Marginal florets pale yellow; corolla filiform, ca 0.2 mm long, obscurely toothed. Style bifid. Central florets brownish yellow, ca 0.2 mm long, 5-toothed. Achenes of marginal florets oblong, 0.02 - 0.05 mm long, minutely hairy; those of central florets 0.02 - 0.07 mm long, glabrous with scattered shining dots. Pappus hairs silky white.

Fl. & Fr. Aug. - March.

Distrib. India: W. and E. Himalayas, Gangetic Plain & Deccan Plateau, common on shady slopes, crevices of rocks and in Quercus-Rhododendron forest, ascending to 3200 m. Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Meghalaya, Manipur, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Orissa.

Bhutan, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Philippines, Indo-China, China, Thailand, Taiwan and Sri Lanka.

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