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Laggera Sch.-Bip. ex Koch

Herbs, erect, aromatic; branches winged or not. Leaves alternate, simple, base often decurrent below into winged sheath, margins dentate, subsessile. Heads usually yellow, heterogamous, disciform in racemose panicles, stalked, Receptacle flat, faintly pitted. Involucre campanulate; bracts multiseriate, linear-lanceolate; outer smaller, herbaceous, inner ones longer, scarious. Outer florets female, multiseriate; inner few, bisexual. Corolla tubular, campanulate or filiform in female florets, glandular without. Anther base sagittate or obtuse. Achenes hardly enlarged, ribbed or angled. Pappus uniseriate, filiform, as long as the corolla.

Tropical Asia and Africa; ca 10 species, 3 in India.


1a. Stems not winged; corolla of bisexual florets pink; achenes subcompressed 2. Laggera aurita
b. Stems winged; corolla of bisexual florets bluish purple; achenes faintly ribbed 2
3a. Wings broad, entire and continuous; pappus 6-7 mm long 1. Laggera alata
b. Wings narrow, toothed and interrupted; pappus 4-5 mm long 3. Laggera crispata

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