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Blumea aromatica DC., Prodr. 5: 446. 1836; Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 3: 270. 1881.

Herbs or undershrubs; stems stout, branched, erect, tall, woody at base, viscid-tomentose with glands and hairs partfcularly on the inflorescence axis. Leaves obovate to elliptic-lanceolate, tapering at base, acute, dentate-serrate, 10- 30 x 2.5-12 cm, membranous, pilose on the upper surface, loosely villous on the lower surface; petiole winged; upper leaves sessile. Heads in large terminal and axillary, lax panicles 1-1.5 cm in diam., sessile or pedunculate with long viscid peduncle. Involucra! bracts oblong-lanceolate, acuminate, up to 1 cm long, membranous, puberulous, almost equal to florets. Receptacle flat, alveolate, minutely fimbrillate. Corolla of bisexual florets yellow; tubular, 6-7 mm long, 5-lobed; lobes pubescent; corolla of female florets filiform, 5-6.5 mm long, 2-3 lobed, glabrous. Achenes pale brown, oblong, 10-ribbed , hairy. Pappus pale red, hairy, up to 6 mm.

Fl. & Fr. Nov.- May.

Distrib. India: Himalayas, on edges of rain forests, fields and meadows. Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim, W. Bengal and Assam.

Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Campuchea.

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