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Blumea barbata DC. in Wight, Contrib. Bot. Ind. 14. 1834; Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 3: 262. 1881.

Herbs; stems reddish brown, erect, subsimple, slender, 10-50 cm high, strigose or pilose with spreading hairs, particularly in younger parts. Leaves elliptic-oblong to obovate-oblong, apiculate, margins serrate or coarsely toothed, 2-10 x 0.8-3 cm, strigose on the upper surface with subglandular hairs, densely velutinous-woolly on the lower, membranous, base narrowed to a petiole. Heads in terminal and axillary, small, lax. corymbose panicles; 4-6 mm in diam., peduncle up to 15 mm long, pilose. Involucral bracts linear, reflexed at maturity, 1-6 mm long, glandular, pubescent on dorsal surface; the inner with scarious margins. Receptacle convex, alveolate, glabrous. Corollas of bi-sexual florets yellow, tubular, 3-4 mm long, 5-lobed; lobes pubescent; corolla of female florets filiform, up to 3.5 mm, 2-3 lobed, glabrous. Achenes brown, oblong, minute, ribbed, hairy above. Pappus white, up to 4 mm long.

Fl. & Fr. Dec.- Feb.

Distrib. India: W. and E. Ghats, in evergreen forests up to 1500 m. Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Sri Lanka.

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