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Anaphalis kashmiriana P.C. Pant, R.R. Rao & Arti Garg, in J. Jap. Bot. 69(5): 258 - 261. 1994.

Herbs, erect, feebly branched, up to 30 cm high; stems sparingly striate, cottony woolly. Leaves subopposite-altemate, horizontal to the ground, oblong, amplexicaul at base, obtuse at apex, 1 - 5 x 0.3 - 0.8 cm, laxly hairy above, densely woolly on undersurface. Heads in terminal, much branched corymbs, ca 2 mm across; peduncle ca 2 mm long, densely woolly tomentose. Involucral bracts many-seriate; outermost broadly cordate-ovate, densely white woolly, purplish at apex, margins usually laciniate, particularly towards the upper portion; middle bracts oblong-Ianceolate, purplish tinged at either ends; innermost spathulate. Ray florets female, filiform. Corolla 2 - 3 . mm long, narrowly 4-lobed. Style linear. Disc florets; bisexual; florets ca 2.2 mm long, 5-toothed. Achenes oblong, ca 0.05 mm, long, pubescent. Pappus hairs white, minutely bristly.

Fl. & Fr. Sept.

Distrib. India: W. Himalayas, 3330 - 3835 m. Jammu & Kashmir (Pir Pass, Banihal ridge).

Notes. This species closely resembles the highly polymorphic A. contorta<, but differs essentially with the latter having alternate, narrow-linear, ca 0.05 - 4 mm broad, spreading leaves; outer involucral bracts glistening white, lanceolate-ovate, scarious, margin undulate or entire and inner bracts narrowly linear-oblong, and psilate, pollen exine.

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