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Blumea venkataramanii R. Rao et Hemadri in Curro Sci. 42(19): 693- 694. 1973.

Herbs, erect, annual, aromatic; stems 0.2-1 m high, striate, clothed by simple or glandular hairs. Lower most leaves spahtulate, elliptic-obovate or oblanceolate, nar.rowed at base, margin, irregularly dentate or serrate with pointed apices; upto 20 x 5 cm, decurrent, forming a false prominently winged stem, hairy on both surfaces; hairs tubercle-based; upper surface scabrid at maturity; uppermost leaves smaller, oblong-lanceolate or spathulate with decurrent base. Inflorescence terminal and lateral, pedunculate, solitary or in clustered heads. Heads 6-12 mm long, ca 10 mm across. Involucral bracts 3 to 4-seriate; outer 2 whorls green, 2-4 mm long; inner ones tinged with purple at apex, all linear, scarious, 4-6 mm long, outer surface glandular hairy. Receptacle hemispheric, glabrous. Outer florets, yellow, ca 3 mm long, 3-lobed female. Pappus white.

Distrib. India: Maharashtra.


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