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Anaphalis subumbellata C.B. Clarke, Compo Ind. 108. 1876; Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 3: 281. 1881.

Herbs, erect, glandular, pubescent, viscid, up to 40 cm high; stems feebly striate, white cottony tomentose. Leaves linear-oblong, lowest spathulate, bases sub-smplexicaul, apices acute or apiculate, margins flat, 3 - 7 x 0.5 - 2 cm, upper surface laxly tomentose, lower surface densely white tomentose, obscurely 3- nerved. Heads in lax, rounded or subumbellate corymbs, ca 1.3 cm in diam.; peduncle 1 - 1.5 cm long, densely woolly tomentose. Involucral bracts white, blotched with brown at basal end; many-seriate, outermost lanceolate; inner narrowly lanceolate-oblong. Ray florets with filiform corolla, obscurely toothed. Disc florets with campanulate corolla, 5-lobed. Pappus hairs white, minutely bristly.

Fl. & Fr. Oct.

India: E. Himalayas. 3400 - 4000 m. Sikkim; rare.


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