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Helichrysum cutchicum (C.B. Clarke) R. Rao et Desh. in Bull. Bot. Surv. Ind. 10(2): 227. 1968. Anaphalis cutchica C.B. Clarke, Compo Ind. 3. 1876; Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 3: 284. 1881.

Herbs, diffused, up to 40 cm high, thinly clothed with grey-white cottony wool. Leaves linear or spathulate-linear, bases narrow, adhering to the stem, apices acute, mucronate, 2 - 5 x 1 - 10 cm, upper surface subglabrous or with lax cottony white hairs, lower surface white tomentose, 1-nerved, sessile. Heads terminal or very rarely axillary, sub corymbose. Involucral bracts many-seriate, covered with white, cottony wool on outer faces; outer ovate, irregularly toqthed at tip; inner ovate-oblong, longer than the outer ones. Ray florets with filiform corolla, minutely toothed. Disc florets with 5-toothed corolla. Achenes oblong, verrucose. Pappus hairs uniseriate, barbellate, connate at base.

Fl. & Fr. Sept. - April.

Distrib. India: Indus Plain, confined to semi arid regions. Gujarat.


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