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Acrotrema arnottianum Wight, Illus. 1: 9, t. 3. 1840; Hook. f. & Thomson in Fl. Brit. India 1: 32. 1872.

Mal.: Nilampunna.

Herbs, stems very short or absent. Leaves obovate-oblong, rounded or cordate at base, obtuse at apex, more or less sharply dentate along margins, 15 - 30 x 7 - 12 cm; young leaves floccose; mature leaves with long soft hairs and at times glabrescent; petioles 2 - 8 cm long, broadly winged from above to base. Flowers bright yellow, many, on 9 - 14 cm long peduncles; pedicels 5 - 15 cm long, clothed with long hairs. Sepals obovate, 8 - 9 mm long, scarlet or pink with long white hairs. Petals obovate, ca 8 mm long, yellow. Stamens numerous; anthers spathulate. Carpels ca 8 mm long, many-ovuled. Follicles many-seeded or by abortion few-seeded.

Fl. April- Aug.; Fr. July - Oct.

Distrib. India: Southern Western Ghats, moist places under bushes along edges of ditches in moist deciduous and evergreen forests, up to 800 m. Tamil Nadu and Kerala.


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