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Impatiens jerdoniae Wight in Madrasj. Lit. Sci. ser. 1.5: 8. 1837 & Icon. 4 (4): 15, t. 1602. 1850; Hook. f ., Fl. Brit. India 1: 460. 1874. excl. var. parasitica (Beddome) Hook. f.

Herbs, succulent, epiphytic on tree trunks or rocks; stems tumid, glabrous, green or purple. Leaves few, alternate, elliptic, acute, serrate, 5 - 8 cm long, deep green; nerves few with glandular cilia at base and on top of stout petiole. Flowers solitary or binate, 3.5 - 5 cm long; peduncles 2.5 - 8 cm long, green, stout. Lateral sepals lanceolate, acuminate, green. Lip rounded, overlapping, laterally compressed, scarlet, spur ventricose, wrinkled, saccate, very large. Standard yellow, orbicular, apiculate, narrowly keeled at back. Wings 2-lobed; lobes rounded, overlapping, concealed under lip. Cap-sules ellipsoid.

Fl. & Fr. Aug. - Dec.

Distrib. India: W. Ghats. 800 - 1500 m. Karnataka (Kodagu and Brahmagiri); Tamil Nadu (Nilgiris, Anamalais & Pulneys) and Kerala (Palakkad).



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