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Shrubs or small trees, tanniferous.. producing ellagic acid. Leaves petioled, alternate, stipulate, pinnate; leaflets coarsely serrate, often with winged rachis. Flowers irregular, dense, in racemes, bracteate, perfect or less often unisexual, hypogynous. Sepals 5 or 4 by fusion of 2, unequal, imbricate, free or connate below, one of them spurred or saccate-gibbous. Petals 4 - 5, free, brown-red, narrow, long clawed, fifth petal very small or wanting. Nectary disc wen developed, unilateral, extrastaminal. Stamens 4 or 5, alternate with petals; filaments distinct or basally connate; anthers 2-locular, opening lengthwise; pollen grains tricolporate. Ovary of 4, less commonly 5 carpels, united to form a compound, plurilocular ovary; style truncate or apically dentate; ovules 2 - 5 or solitary in each locule, on axile placenta. Fruit capsular, loculicidal, often longitudinally sulcate and sometimes apically lobed. Seeds 1 or 2 in each locule, with hard oily and sometimes with starchy endosperm and straight embryo.

Tropical and subtropical Africa; 2 genera and 15 species, 1 genus and 1 species in India.

Notes. In warm regions some species are grown for ornamental purpose.

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