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Citrus assamensis Dutta & Bhattacharya

Asm.: Ada-jamir, Kh.: Soh-sying.

This was originally described based on plants cultivated in homestead gardens in Assam, Meghalaya and Sylhet (Bangladesh). The aroma of the rind is similar to that of eucalyptus but the Assamese consider it to be similar to that of ginger, and hence the name Ada-jamir (ada = ginger; jamir = Citrus).

Ada-jamir is very closely related to amilbed or sour pomelo (Citrus m egaloxycarpa Lush. ?) in having purplish corolla and fruits with intensely sour juice. However, the presence of larger leaves with broadly winged petioles brings this much closer to the true pomelo (Citnls maxima Burm.) but the fruits at any rate suggest that of sour pomelo. This could probably be a variant of the sour pomelo. But the identity of sour pomelo itself is a mystery and hence it is not possible to deem a correct systematic placement for C. assam ensis.

The fruits are used as flavouring agents.

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