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Kh.: Soh-sarlcar; Mar.: Id-limbo; Punj.: Khama-khatta. The karna orange.

This is probably an indigenous citrus fruit of India, but with a doubtful origin. It is now being cultivated in N.W. and N.E. India. In its habit and floral features, the Karna orange resembles lemon.

Fruits are ovoid-oblong or subglobose up to 12 x ca 10 cm, the surface golden-yellowish or orange-coloured, pitted, glandular, mamillate, bumpy with a nipple at apex, depressed at base, the rind thick, moderately adherent, the mesocarp greenish-white, the segments 10 - 13, adherent, central axis solid, pulp-vesicles orange-coloured and juice abundant, sour and orange flavoured.

The description of the fruits is suggestive of its suspected hybrid origin from parents like lemon (C. limon) and the sour orange (C. aumntium).

Plants are used as rootstocks for grafting other commercial Citrus fruits.


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