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P. C. Pant

Small sized trees or shrubs. Leaves opposite or rarely alternate, pinnate or trifoliolate, occasionally unifoliolate; stipules caducous or wanting. Flowers in terminal or axillary panicles or sometimes racemes, regular, 5-merous, bisexual, sometimes some or all unisexual and then plants dioecious. Calyx 5, free, imbricate, rarely connate partly or for most of their length, petaloid. Petals 5, free, imbricate, inserted on or below hypogynous disc. Stamens 5, free, borne on or outside annular nectary-disc, alternating with petals; anthers 2-locular, opening lengthwise; pollen grains tricolporate. Disc sometimes poorly developed or wanting. Ovary 2 - 3, rarely of 4 carpels, united to form a plurilocular ovary; styles free or coherent above or fused into a single style; ovules 6 - 12, rarely 1 - 2, in two rows in each locule. Fruit a membranous inflated capsule, opening at the tip; carpels seprate distally and opening along the ventral suture or indehiscent and drupaceous or baccate or the fruit of distinct follicles. Seeds few, truncate at the base; endosperm copious fleshy, oily.

Central and S. America, Europe, Asia; ca 5 genera and 60 species; 2 genera and 5 species in India.


1a. Fruits inflated, capsular 1. Staphylea
b. Fruits fleshy berry, indehiscent 2. Turpinia

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