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B.P. Uniyal

Deciduous trees. Leaves alternate, imparipinnately bi-or tripinnate. Inflorescence axillary panicles. Flowers zygomorphic, bisexual, red or white. Calyx cup shaped, 5-cleft; segments petaloid, reflexed. Petals 5, free, unequal; upper two smaller; lateral ascending; anterior larger. Stamens 5, declinate, opposite to petals, alternating with staminodes, inserted on the edge of disc; filaments villous and thickened at base; anthers dorsifixed, monothecous. Ovary stipitate, superior, 1-loculed; style slender, tubular; stigma perforated. Fruit capsular, elongated, angled or ribbed, beaked. Seeds many, large, 3-winged or wingless; embryo straight, oily; endosperm mostly lacking.

Monogeneric, Widely introduced; ca 14 species, 2 in India.

Literature. QAISER, M. (1973): Flora of West Pakistan 38: 1-4. VERDCOURT, B. (1985). A synopsis of the Moringaceae. Kew Bull. 40(1): 1-23.

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