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Flindersia australis R. Br. in Flinder's Voyage 2: 595, t. 1. 1814; Hartley in J. Arn. Arb. 50: 520. 1969.

Trees up to 15 m high. Leaves alternate, subopposite, opposite or verticillate, usually crowded at tip of branchlets, imparipinnate or rarely paripinnate; leaflets oblong-lanceolate, crenulate along margins, profusely glandular-punctate, glossy above. Flowers functionally unisexual (staminate) and/or bisexual, in axillary and terminal panicles, creamy-white. Fruit 5-locular, septicidal capsule, ca 6 cm long, ca 5 cm broad, separating to one half or completely to its entire length, ellipsoid, star-shaped when· Open, exocarp muricate, drying blackish or pale brown, endocarp horny, pale brownish; seeds 2 in each locule, winged.

Native of east central Queensland, south to north-eastern New South Wales. Occasionally cultivated in India. The star-shaped fruits are attractive.

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