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Elytranthe (Blume) Blume

Shrubs, glabrous throughout; young internodes winged or not. Leaves opposite, ellipticovate, curvipinnate, leathery. Inflorescence a capitulum; peduncle subtended by poorly developed bracts; inflorescence-axis decussately flattened; flower buds spathulate or clavateconical; flowers inserted in hollows on short, stout rachis, subtended by one bract and 2 bracteoles, bisexual, actinomorphic, sympetalous, 6-merous; bracts and bracteoles free, large, enclosing ovary. Calyculus tubular, entire or toothed. Petals 6, united; tube with angular shoulders, narrow at base; lobes reflexed or coiled after anthesis. Stamens 6, erect or recurved; filaments subterete or trigonous, subulate; anthers isothecate, elevatilobate, multilocellate or 4- locellate with sterile apex. Ovary subglobose, smooth; style tetragonous; stigma subglobose. Fruits ellipsoid or ovoid, urceolate, smooth. Endosperm with thickened pads, horned, not mamillate.

Indo-Malesia: India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Java, Sumatra and Borneo, ca 11 species; 5 in India.


1a. Anther-thecae multilocellate 2
b. Anther-thecae quadrilocellate 3
2a. Young internodes not winged; peduncles 5 - 6 mm long; flower buds clavate-conical; flowers 1.5 - 2 cm long; calyculus distinctly toothed; corolla-lobes reflexed, less than 2 cm long; anther- thecae with 8 - 10 vertically elongated locelli; endosperm without distinct neck 2. Elytranthe capitellata
b. Young internodes winged; peduncles 10 - 12 mm long; flower buds spathulate; flowers 4.5 - 5.5 cm long; calyculus entire with undulate margin; corolla-lobes reflexed and coiled, more than 3 cm long; anther-thecae with 16 - 20 circular locelli; endosperm with distinct neck 3. Elytranthe parasitica
3a. Capitulum 2-flowered; peduncular bracts equal in size; corolla-tube tumid at base 1. Elytranthe albida
b. Capitulum 3 - 6-flowered; peduncular bracts equal in size; corolla-tube not tumid at base 4
4a. Leaves decurrent, crustaceous; peduncles subtended by 3 or 4 whorls of bracts; flower buds stout, 1.8 - 2.2 cm long; calyculus splitting unilaterally; corolla-lobes thick, broad; anthers broader than filaments, 1.2 - 2.5 mm long; endosperm horned 4. Elytranthe pseudopsilantha
b. Leaves not decurrent, coriaceous; peduncles subtended by 1 or 2 whorls of bracts; flower buds slender, 2.5 - 3 cm long; calyculus entire; corolla-lobes thin, narrow; anthers as broad as filaments, 3 - 4 mm long; endosperm hornless 5. Elytranthe psilantha

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